RAM And Other Aspect of Your Phone's Memory

RAM And Other Aspect of Your Phone’s Memory

What exactly tells a smartphone apart? Which is the one features that can make or break the deal for you when looking for a new mobile phone?

You sure have heard about the acronym RAM before. RAM stands for random access memory and is the feature that is capable of defining your smartphone’s performance. RAM helps you access any part of the stored data directly, ie; instant access, unlike older data storage devices like CDs or tape cassettes where data is accessed sequentially.

The smartphones today use RAM to help you maintain speed when you multitask, making storage less of an aggravation and a bottleneck in the entire process. Some part of the application’s data is stored in the RAM as soon as the app is started and then it’s shifted to cache, which is an even faster chunk of memory. The RAM, if eliminated from the scenario, will slow down the process to speeds impossibly slow.


A word definitely synonymous with smartphones, multitasking makes them stand apart from the crowd. And what plays the most crucial role in multitasking? No wonder, it is the RAM. So, be it a 3 GB RAM mobile or a 2 GB RAM mobile, you can sure multitask. However, more the RAM, better the multitasking. Switching from one application to another without starting from scratch every time is also possible because of this. RAM creates an inactive state of the app already running in the background so that you can start from where you left any time you want.

The more the merrier, why?

A common statement when talking about RAM is that the more your phone has it, the better it will perform. The crux of having more RAM is that it lets your phone store an increased number of app snapshots in the background without encroaching the space needed by the operating system to run effectively.

This is the reason why you should always opt for phones that offer more RAM. A higher RAM will ensure the capability of more number of applications being used without hampering the phone’s performance.

Limited RAM is the root cause of some elementary performance issues that a smartphone faces. Latest Android versions with limited RAM are unable to keep up with the demands, making phones a not so good experience. A 3G RAM mobile phone will make your experience worthwhile, a 2GB RAM mobile will let you appreciate the performance but anything below this is a no.

Undoubtedly, RAM makes an important aspect but there are a few other specifics that need attention. Similar to RAM, internal storage is also of critical value to a mobile phone. Without a place to store the operating system and other files, there is nothing a phone can actually do. Even if there is no storage accessible to the user, some form of internal storage is always present in the phone to store the operating system.

Another aspect is the ROM or read only memory. This forms a part of your internal storage and is permanent by nature. Not accessible to the users, the data which is stored here remains stored forever and cannot be hampered. The rest of the storage is where the apps and other media are stored. Besides this, users also can expand the storage and add to internal device storage by using SD cards that help increase the available memory.

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