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A Number of Trends That Are Going To Hit the Smartphone Industry

“What’s the best smartphone nowadays?” It’s a question I hear every now and then.

All through the year, you can find economical smartphones under 10000 to the costly chic metal and glossy ones. All these models have something to add in their own way, however only a one or two actually stand out.

And as you’d imagine, the answer to this question is pretty difficult.

The good thing about purchasing a handset in 2017 is that it’s hard to be found lacking in any way. Not too long ago, even expensive handsets could have awful battery life, be overloaded with gobs of unwanted software, have a terrible camera, or be missing a vital feature or two. These days, we can see that almost every major handset, including smartphones below 10000 will last till the time you go to bed, capture decent photographs, display them on an admirable screen, blaze through apps with a fast processor, and surf the web with fast internet connectivity.

If you like to have the best smartphone under 10000, all you actually need to do is stay away from phones that pretend to be out of the ordinary, but aren’t.

So, if every good handset is great, what makes a handset second to none? It merely had to be better than every other mobile at providing something people want badly. That is actually the bar we set.

As a matter of fact, based on several buzzes about particular devices, a number of trends that are going to hit the smartphone industry are quite apparent, including:

Edgeless display

Edgeless displays are without any doubt going to pick up speed. The expediency of using OLED screens to shape up this design along with the contemporary technology is what will make it possible.

Dual Camera

Are we still waiting for this? I don’t think so. Quite a few mobile companies manufacture dual camera smartphones. However in 2017, you’d be seeing them a lot more and nearly on mobiles of all shapes as well as sizes. And why should you not? Dual cameras are taking camerawork to the new heights. What this feature offers is a new profundity of field mode, 2X optical zoom, and even a pretty crisp Bokeh effect.

Augmented Reality

If you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go, in that case, you must have had some very very important things to do. On a serious note some years ago, if somebody would have told a regular smartphone user that in the coming year a game will be introduced that will bring Augmented reality to every smartphone out there, I’m so sure they would be made fun of. But today, with many more such games about to be launched, it is pretty evident that with more powerful internals along with dedicated Augmented Reality hardware, smartphones are only going to raise the bar in the context of Augmented Reality game.

Enhanced battery

Several mobile companies are still not able to resolve the battery problem in smartphones – they still drain out pretty fast. At the same time as handsets are being launched with increasing battery capabilities on a regular basis, they still have not seen a major leap regarding battery life, largely because of size limitations. All that might transform with forthcoming tech which lets the designer literally forget about battery shape and fit a loaded battery plainly anywhere they can in the chassis.

Fingerprint sensor phone

One of the prerequisites to enable an edgeless display would be a fingerprint scanner. Ultrasonic fingerprint recognition integrated in some models by now, can be expected to be seen on more handsets in the coming time, as well.

What feature would you like to see in smartphones this year? Share your views with us in the comments below. 

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