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Some of the best Mobile Phones in the Current Indian Market

The Indian market being flooded with mobile phones, the audience has always eyed for the best and latest gizmo’s. Mobile phones have always made our life easy and continue to do so by having features like never before, one such example is the fingerprint sensor included in many of the latest smartphones in the scene.

While we consider the wide range of Smartphones available in the market, there are always some of the best mobile phones at a particular time period and we are going to mention the ones currently in the game along with the features.

  1. Turbo 5


 The latest smartphone by InFocus has made a mark in the industry with its extraordinary features and user experiences. Some of those are:

  • 5000mAh Battery: With its high capacity the battery backup of the phone is currently unbeatable and proves its tagline of charge less and do more being the Best Battery Smartphone in the current Indian market.
  • 3GB RAM+ 32GB ROM: The 32GB internal storage helps you store your heavy files and data without any hustle along with the 3GB RAM speeding up your user experience.
  • Reverse Charging: Now this is something very unprecedented and with high utility. This feature lets you charge another phone with this phone! Yes you read it right with the high power battery you can reverse charge by connecting another phone and charging it.

           2. Epic 1


As the name suggests this phone with brushed metal finish is remarkably epic due to its following key specs:

  • 10 X core Tricluster Processor: This tech term is as fancy as it looks because it results in high performance while also reducing the power consumption by 30%!
  • Large f/1.8 lens: The high focus lens take care of your selfies in the club or wherever the light is low as it results in high quality clear selfies.
  • Corning Glass Gorilla Display: The display of the phone is great for sure as it is developed with the innovative upscaling algorithm which lets you experience the display with refined quality.


          3. InFocus M535+:


The InFocus M535+ has a sleek design and is loaded with some quality features which are elaborated below:

  • 13+13 MP: Now here is the ace of the phone, 13MP camera at both the sides i.e rear and front helps you capture selfies that are as clear as a normal rear camera image.
  • 64 bit octa core processor: The 64 bit octa core processor lets you juggle among your favourite apps simultaneously without any delay in response.
  • 5” Display: Experience high quality user experience with the FHD screen which lets you feel the real colors in the mobile phone.

We hope the above facts might help you choose the best mobile phone suiting your expectations!

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