The marvel of premium design.
Now on Android.

The M812 smartphone is a work of outstanding artistry and innovative technology.
It celebrates the perfect fusion of timeless art and the latest in mobile phone technology.
Get the best of both worlds with M812.


Experience marvel and metal.

Welcome to an awe-inspiring world of aesthetic excellence and exquisite design.
With its gorgeous curves, the M812 isn’t simply perfect, it’s more than that.

Gorgeous Full-Metal Unibody Design   |   Anodized Aluminum Frame   |   Ultra-Thin 7.38 mm


The mark of true

Cased in a metal unibody, the M812 is a classic symbol of sophistication and elegance you would love in your smartphone. Its metallic luster shines through the ultra-slim edges and the attractive back. At the heart of its perfectly chiseled curves lies the precision of an advanced laser cutting technology. Every curve of this timeless phone is crafted to perfection with 1000+ CNC Cuts. The anodized aluminum frame, a metal crown, and superb fine polishing add a touch of distinction to the M812’s elegance. And at 7.38mm ultra-thin,the M812 has the fabulous looks to turn heads wherever you go.


Where stories come to life

5.5” Full HD Display

We believe that a phone’s screen is something more than just a display. It’s a window into your life’s memorable stories and precious moments. And that’s why we have created a display so vivid, so spectacular that every time you look at it, you can time travel to your memories in their most vivid and colorful form. Combining the best of high-end display technology, the 5.5” FHD screen of the M812, with 1920X1080 resolutions is an attempt to adopt future ready mobile displays to give you a stunning viewing experience. Now that’s better than better.


At the heart of the action

Snapdragon 801 Processor   |   3GB RAM   |   Dual SIM

Whatever you want to achieve with your phone, the M812 is always ready for it. Thanks to its superior processor coupled with a powerful 3GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory (ROM). Theincredibly fast 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Quad-core processor makes sure your phone is astoundingly fast when you’re toggling between your favourite apps. M812 has the LTE-capability with Sim slot 1. Be prepared to get thrilled to the extreme with the super-smooth performance of the M812.


Picture Perfect Memories
Shot on the Infocus M812

13 MP Rear   |   8 MP Front   |   Dual Tone Flash   |   2.0 Aperture

Let the everyday moments inspire you and make them eternal with the powerful camera of the M812. Its 13 MP rear camera with the bright 2.0 Aperture lens lets you capture breathtaking shots in any lighting conditions. The advanced Dual Tone Flash gives the perfect white light balance for snapping high quality pictures. The crystal clear 8 MP front camera is coupled with an 80 degree viewing angle so that you never have to crop any of your friends from those stunning group selfies. With these advanced features in the M812, we have made sure that beauty now lies in the hands of the holder. So next time you find something beautiful be ready to capture the most splendid photos you’ve ever taken.


An Amazing User-Interface. And More.

Intuitive UI   |   Android Marshmallow

With the new In Life User-Interface we have created a wonderfully intuitive
and uncluttered UI, allowing you to easily manage, organize and execute your everyday work.It also runs on the incredibly dynamic Android Marshmallow, Google’s latest and greatest Android version making it more efficient and useful.



Discover your world Faster than ever.


The M812 is 4G ready. And that opens a world of possibilities for you. Whether you are downloading a game, streaming music, watching HD videos on YouTube or simply uploading an image, everything will be a breeze. And the best of them all- 4G LTE makes buffering obsolete so that you can enjoy your online videos without having to wait.


Sounds as good as it looks

NXP Smart AMP Technology

The M812 stands out everywhere it goes. And so does its sound. It comes loaded with the
powerful and the latest NXP Smart AMP acoustics technology that optimizes the sound quality
of your phone. You can revel in the richness of sound and experience crystal clear clarity in your
calls, even in a noisy background. A deeper bass and louder sound gives you the freedom to dive
deeper into your music or rock at the house party with your friends.

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