About InFocus

InFocus Corporation is an American company based in the state of Oregon and is the industry pioneer and a global leader in the visual communication market. Founded in 1986, the company develops, manufactures, and distributes projectors & large-format touch displays.

Backed by more
than 20 years of experience
and innovation in visual collaboration technology,
InFocus is dedicated to helping people
communicate, collaborate, create,
and be more effective every day.

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We believe in leading the way


InFocus, a U.S. pioneer in the visual communication market, and Foxconn, the global leader in consumer electronics manufacturing, have come together in a strategic partnership to provide consumers with an array of innovative solutions.

InFocus and Foxconn leverage each other's technical know-how and resources to jointly develop cutting-edge consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, tablets and LED TVs, and visual collaboration technology, such as projectors, touchscreen solutions and video communication systems.

Production and assembly is placed in the hands of Foxconn's world-class engineers and technicians, while InFocus's global sales and marketing teams bring these innovative products to the doorsteps of consumers around the world.

We bring
American technological &
design innovation
to India
with quality
can trust


InFocus is committed to enriching the lives of all Indians by expanding the technological horizon through inspired innovation and therein revolutionizing the mobile communication, multimedia entertainment and visual collaboration spaces.